Latest projects

Latest projects

Health Care Centre/Eastern-Finland

300kVA 400VAC Emergency DG-set container / Volvo, MeccAlte, Fully tailor-made solution, 30-ft container, Distribution swg, Health Care Center, Eastern-Finlan

ABB/IT Corporation

2000kVA 400VAC Emergency DG-set container / Perkins, MeccAlte, Fully tailor-made solution ( Non-ISO container )with distribution swg, radiators inside contai

ABB / Financial Corporation

1000kVA 400VAC Emergency DG-set, 2 grid full automated solution, extremely confined hauling, Financial Corporation, Southern-Finland

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Installation pictures from our various projects 1

Projects 2

Installation pictures from our various projects 2

Projects 3

Installation pictures from our various projects 3


830 kVA Prime emergency power installation in 30 ft special designed container inbuilt to a building. Supporting a hospital in Finland


2 x 500kVA Open units with distribution switchgear and automation & control solution for a hospital in Finland, Fully automated emergency power for hospi

ABB/Gold mine

2200kVA 690VAC arctic container, complete delivery, gold mine in Finland


250 kVA Open unit with control for 5 distribution networks during emergency supply for leisure center in Finland