Main Areas of Business and Fields of Operation

Voimalaitokset ja voimantuotantoprojektit

Power plants and power production projects: diesel-, hfo-, gas-, gas turbine-, hydro-, steam- and coal fired installations.

Varavoimalaitokset ja siirrettävät varavoimayksiköt

Emergency- and stand-by units and installations; stationary and mobile, uninterruptible power supply solutions and automation as turn-key solutions.


Automation, electrification- and system-wide projects, also for offshore- and marine vessel/industry installations.


Project services for data centers, hospitals, health-care applications and renewable energy applications.


Our operations are covering power plant installations, distribution system projects, renewable energy projects, marine vessel/industry installations, offshore applications and composite installations for which we are implementing construction services for green field projects, modernization services, supervision- and commissioning services as well as various troubleshooting, analyzing and studies/evaluations providing customers wide range of various solutions utilizing latest technology and standards from small size applications and services to complete turn-key projects.

Northern Automation Oy has also a strong experience on the stand-by-, prime- and continuous power diesel generator installations and deliveries. Products are well known worldwide with proven manufacturers.
Solutions are provided both for equipment deliveries and turn-key projects. Products and resolutions are ranging from baseplate mounted open type sets to Canopy type and ISO-container ( 10 – 40 feet ) type installations within 50-3500 kVA.
Also tailor made container solutions are available upon request. Containerized models and solutions are in most case cost efficient and more safe installations than fixed indoor (powerhouse versions).