Electrification Projects

Electrification projects are encompassing industrial and private sector projecting services alike, including Design, Engineering, Procurement, Manufacturing, Implementation and Commissioning/Testing as well as Warranty services.

Electrical- and Automation systems and entities; (distribution, protection, control etc.)

Comprehensive design and implementation of Emergency- and Stand-by installations.

Design and implementation of UPS-Systems.

Power Transmission Solutions.

Distribution systems, Transforming stations and Switchyards/Switching stations projecting.

Frequency/Voltage regulation modifications.

Installation Integrations, Modernization and Upgrade projects.

Electrification Projects.

Grid/Utility Monitoring and Supervision (Remote and/or Local.)

Switch-over/Transition Control Monitoring and Modifications.

Base load, Island, Peak Shaving, Emergency Power Plant Installations (Stationary or Mobile.)

Power system and Utility Analyses.