Power- and Industrial projecting

The Approach to projects is always entity-and total system wise thus enabling the overall control of the implementations and ensuring a smooth, flawless and fast operation and results. This applies even if the works are consisting of partial deliveries (system studies etc).

Solutions are thoroughly evaluated and conceived in a close co-operation with the customer and adequate data / information is collected in order to come up with a feasible and most suitable plan for the application in question (relocation and upgrading projects especially).

Feasibility studies, Budget Estimations, Evaluations and Installation audits can/should be performed and presented to clarify exact status and condition of the application. Nowadays any plant, facility or installation operation needs to be based increasingly into the fulfillment of environmental aspects and policies as well; therefore also directly related to the equipment and overall functionality of the plant.

Based into above approach and studies, the project or plant feasibility and cost efficiency may be improved further by utilizing NAOY local partners, external experts and various sources, enabling customer to have their required services through one source and total supplier only; NAOY.

Various maintenance and warranty services are available upon request, even for longer periods. Training and on site operation support may be included in the deliveries (normally are) or these can be arranged even as requested for particular tasks or issues only.

Installations, power plants and marine vessels with HFO/LFO and Gas fired prime movers/reciprocating engines are Northern Automation Oy’s main field of know-how and core business with decades of experience

Design and Engineering for various projects and applications.

Mechanical and Civil constructions/services; piping, assemblies, processes, structures.

Plant Relocation, Operation Mode Upgrading and Construction Projects. Fuel modifications including alternative fuels.

Project Installation Personnel (Fitters, Welders, Electricians, Logistics.)

Project / Installation Supervision-, Commissioning-, and Test personnel.

Project / Installation Handling and Management (Project & Site Managers.)

Impartial third party inspections and investigations.

Techno-commercial consulting, project management for owner’s or builder’s projecting.